Rufus Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10 Latest Version 3.13

Rufus is a software or you can say it a utility program that allows users to create bootable devices. It is developed by Pete Batard and is available as open-source and free software on the internet. If you are looking for an easy and simple way to create a bootable USB drive, then this program is best for you. This is the best software that helps you to format or create bootable USB flash drives. If you need to reinstall your operating system, you have to download this software so that the installation files can be installed on your computer.

Rufus 3.13 (1.1 MB)

Rufus 3.13 Portable (1.1 MB)

Rufus was released on December 11th, 2011. It is used as the best replacement of the HP USB disk storage format in windows. But after 8 years of new updates and releases, it is known as the best utility program for creating a bootable DOS drive. Rufus was only used for DOS at first but after the new updates, it was made to support other operating systems.

Rufus Download On Your System

You can easily find the updated and latest version of Rufus on the internet. When it comes to Rufus Download, you can get executable files instead. The file is 1.08 GB large, you can download it or if you want to get the source code for which the Rufus is created, you can easily find both options as they are available on their official website or other websites. It is a completely free utility program bought to you by a single developer. Now Rufus contains many other languages, you can switch to Russian, Turkish, French and Italian.


As marketed, Rufus is a small software file that will provide you the platform you need to quickly create a bootable USB drive. It is a small file providing you with a lot of options that are convenient to create a bootable USB drive.

After Rufus has downloaded, you are about to create your first bootable USB drive. It is simple and easy as mentioned earlier. At the start, you will have to select a device you want to make bootable. Make sure to plug only a single device. Any operating system you need to write on the USB drive will be formatted and all data will be erased.

You can see the boot selection dropdown menu on the picture. Select the IMG file you want to add on a flash drive. Make sure to format everything before the writing begins.

Features of Rufus

Rufus has many features as it contains various bootable .iso files including Linux distributions and windows. It supports raw image files. It also allows MS_DOS and free-DOS on a flash drive as well as the creation of windows to go bootable media. Rufus supports to format flash drives as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, UDF file system.

It has other features like:

  • Bootable USB drive
  • Low-level utility
  • Flash a BIOS
  • USB installation media from bootable ISOs


Rufus is so impressive to Flash drive users because it is easy and straightforward. It has super-speed that allow users to create and format bootable USB drives.



Rufus is an easy and configurable utility program and a small program which quickly creates and format bootable USB drives. It is individually tested and known software. Rufus allows users with many features. You can download Rufus easily as it is available up-to-date with it’s newly add options that allow users to easily format USB flash drive. Hence, Rufus is the best software and program for creating and formatting USB flash drive.Get the complete tutorial about how to use rufus to install windows