Rufus Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10 Latest Version 3.13

Do you remember the days when people used to carry and buy DVDS or CDS when they wanted to watch a movie, or get some new songs, or even purchase window CDS or DVDS for themselves? Those were the times when the technology was less advance than it is now. As technology developed, the brains behind the computing devices invented this new portable storage device called USB. USB was a tiny storage device which could store data and was easy to carry. The data was rewriteable which meant you can write your data over and over again without the fear of getting the device corrupted. The DVDs and CDS could not be written over after a certain limit. After the introduction of USB, the DVDs and CDs slowly started to vanish, the things people used dvds and cds for usb were used instead. Even laptop companies started to remove optical drives as no one was using them and they could fit other components in the place of the optical drive. Now people instead of using optical drives they download files and carry them their usb.

Rufus 3.13 (1.1 MB)

Rufus 3.13 Portable (1.1 MB)

Optical Disks vs USB

Optical disks have been in the market since the invention of optical disks. Now they have slowly vanished and are becoming obsolete after the introduction of the USB. The reason being is simple, advancement of technology. IBM Introduced the USB in September 2000 since then they have come along way. They have even replaced Blu ray optical disks which were the largest in size. The reason behind them going obsolete are simple. The advantages a usb has over the optical drive are solid reasons. Here are a few:

  • The optical disks have low storage options as compared to the usb. USB now can store up to 2tb of data which means hours and hours of 4k videos, hundred thousand of photos and thousands of music files and countless documents.
  • The writing and rewriting limits on a usb drive is basically limitless. You can copy data, delete it, copy it again, rewrite the data on the usb as many times as you want. The limit which is basically up to 5 million times is unachievable which makes it virtually unlimited cycles.
  • The best part about the usb is that it does not have any moving parts, a simple easy to carry portable device which you can keep in your pocket and get on with your day without worry about it losing any part unlike the portable optical disks which you can get scratched and have to carry a separate bag or case.
  • As the rewrite times are basically unlimited on a usb device, the usb can last you for a very long time keeping in mind you do not lose it or give it to a friend who does not return it back to you. While on the other hand optical disks you have to keep them safe, if you do not, they get scratched and you can lose important data that you have stored on the optical disks.
  • Blu ray drives were expensive and still are expensive as compared to USB, USB are cheap and affordable. Saving data on a usb is much cheaper than storing your data on a Blu ray disk.
  • You do not need a separate drive to use your usb. A simple Flash drive port is enough to plug in your Flash drive and store data on it.
  • FLASH DRIVE drives are tough and scratch resistant while optical disks are scratch prone and you have to carry them in a certain way to avoid getting them scratched. FLASH DRIVE are dust resistant as they have a tough outer casing which rarely lets any dust inside the flash drives. While optical disks can easily attract dust and get scratched because of the dust.
  • flash drives can retain the data at a room temperature and do not require any other certain procedures as well as they are portable and you can carry them anywhere with ease and without worrying about it getting scratched or damaged.
  • Flash drives offer more storage for a lower price, meaning you can get up to 1tb to 2tb at a cheaper price than you would get a Blu ray disk.


What is the need of a bootable USB?

There are a lot of advantages of having a bootable usb in your pocket or near you. The first one is simple you might need it to boot your pc up if it is infected with viruses, malwares, or if suddenly has some serious system failures or even if your hard disk gets defected. This small portable usb tool can save your life and the life of your system. You can keep the portable Flash drive in your pocket and can carry it anywhere you want. You will always have your life jacket for your system so whenever your system goes corrupt or stops working you can always plug in your bootable Flash drive running on windows or any other OS and save your system.

What is RUFUS Software?

Rufus is a software for pc which can help making your Flash drive a portable window booting device. It is small in size and is an open-source software, which makes it one of the best software in the market.It can easily make your Flash drive drive ready to boot. It can come in handy when you want to install a fresh OS in your old system or even on your newly bought system. Whether you are looking to flash your bios or flash a firmware using the DOS, It makes the job easy for you. It can run any low-level utility with ease too. It executes the task in an effective and quick manner. You can rely on this software to fulfill your requirements of having a handy bootable Flash drive anytime you want. There is no installation required when you are using It. All you need to do is download the software, and run the exe file. It is an executable file meaning it does not require any installation you need to click on the exe file and the software will start to run.

How effective is rufus software?

To test out the effectiveness of it we need to compare it to the other software that are in the market for download. Which should do the exact same job as rufus. Windows itself offers the option to make a bootable Flash drive using its own command prompt but it is a manual method. Which requires a few commands and a few lines of codes to get the job done correctly. While it does the job for you all you need to do is select the required settings and the rest it will do the job making your Flash drive a bootable Flash drive for any windows you want.

software interface

How to do rufus download on windows?

To download the software on windows you need to open your browser. It can be chrome, firefox, or any other browser. You need to go to google and search for it. Google search will take you to the website of it. From there you can easily download the software and you can click on the exe file to start the software.

How to use

Rufus software is simple and easy to use. It makes the creating a bootable Flash drive for windows an easy job even for a beginner. Here are a few important steps you need to follow to create a bootable Flash drive for yourself

  • Make sure you have a FLASH DRIVE which has a minimum storage of 4gb as most of the bootable ISO require minimum 4gb FLASH DRIVE to run. Along with the FLASH DRIVE you should have the ISO of your required operating system.
  • Now you need to the latest version of the RUFUS download tool from its website. It is small in size; it will be downloaded quickly. As the download completes. Open the software.
  • Now you need to plug in the FLASH DRIVE and the software will automatically detect the slot where the FLASH DRIVE has been plugged in. With the software open adjust the setting according to your needs. As this software has many features you have the option to choose either the MBR partition mode or UEFI partition mode. Choose the mode which is most suited for your device. Usually, the newer generation laptops require the MBR mode to be selected. The selection is based on your own preference.
  • The next step is selecting the type of file system you want your FLASH DRIVE to be formatted in. As there are three choices to choose from NTFS, ExFat, FAT32, the most commonly used is the NTFS file system. After selecting the file system make sure your FLASH DRIVE does not have any important files as during this process all the files on the FLASH DRIVE will be deleted to make space for the windows.
  • When all the settings are according to your requirements press the start button and the process will start so sit back and relax. The time it will take depends on your FLASH DRIVE type and the ISO file size. If the FLASH DRIVE type is 3.0 there are more chances of it being a fast process if it’s not then you might have to wait a little more than usual.
  • Your process has been completed popup will be shown on your windows. When this prompt appears, this means you have successfully completed the process and now you are ready to use your bootable FLASH DRIVE windows. You can now plug it in to any device which is compatible and install or run windows on that device without any hassle.



As per the steps above you can judge why it is simple and easy to use. Even a person who is new to computers if they can follow the instructions carefully can easily make a bootable FLASH DRIVE rufus windows 10 for themselves without any hassle. You can even use the above steps to download and install rufus for ubuntu, or rufus for linux if you are a linux or ubuntu user. It makes it easy for everyone to install the OS on their system. Any OS they want can be easily installed by rufus just by using the iso file of the OS and a Flash drive.Get the complete tutorial about how to use rufus to install windows