Rufus Vs. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

In this article, we’ll compare HP with the Rufus USB Disk Storage Format Tool. These two tools are pretty much made for the same purpose, and that is to write on the USB stick. Both of these programs, HP USB and Rufus USB Disk Storage Format Tool, are available for free so that you can simply download them from the web. Both of the apps are also very small in size. HP has a file size of 96 KB while Rufus USB Disk Storage Format Tool has 1.1 MB of file size.Download rufus from here

The Difference Between These Two Programs:

Now let’s see how they are different from each other so we can assist you in selecting which of these two to use.

  • Operating System:

First of all, let’s talk about the OS. Rufus can be utilized on Win 7 or later, regardless if it’s an x32 or x64. While conversely, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool isn’t that cool with the modern versions of the OS though it can still be run on your Win Vista, XP, 7, 8, & 10. That being said that the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool was created for formatting or writing USB sticks and laptops or desktop PCs that were made even before 2012 with those that run Win XP. At that point, we’ve stirred the water, and now it’s even more clearer, which is better to utilize relying on the OS that you’re handling.Learn a method to create reate a multiboot USB with Rufus

HP USB Disk Storage

  • File Systems:

Also, the HP USB Storage Format Tool can really format your USB storage device in FAT32, FAT, and NTFS. If you’re not familiar with such terminologies, FAT is the short form of File Allocation Table; it’s a file system made by Microsoft in 1977 while NTFS is the short form of the New Technology Files System. Clearly, FAT is the older one, and NTFS is the newer one. Though the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool might be created for it, but Rufus can also carry out the job.Learn How To Make A Bootable USB

So Which One Is The Best?

Therefore, contemplating that we’re now in the mid of 2020, there is a higher possibility that you have a modern desktop PCs and laptops version. So if you’re to utilize either of these programs, we’d say choose Rufus. Why? Because it is fast, lightweight, and flexible. It might also have some limitations, but so does the other one. There’s no perfect program available, but yes, there’s always something better, and that’d be Rufus USB Disk Storage Format Tool at this point.

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