How To Install Multiple Bootable Operating Systems On A USB Stick?

Multiboot USB flash drives can really host the live Linux installation and distribution media for Windows. That’s small OSs explicitly created for providing maintenance to the PC from outside of the PC’s OS. In this post, we will glance at numerous free Windows tools that can make Multiboot and dual-boot USB media. Be certain to utilize the best quality USB stick, preferably one that is bigger than eight GB!.You can also make multiple boot USB using Rufus Download


It’s one of the best programs available to make Multiboot USB media. The fantastic thing about this app is that it’s a portable program and can easily be run directly from your USB stick. For utilizing this application, follow a few of the easy steps mentioned below.Learn How To Change DNS Server Windows 10 ?

  • Firstly, download and install this app on the system.
  • Once the app is installed, open the tool, and you have to choose your USB stick. From the right side, you have to choose an ISO image file.
  • Once done, you have to click Install Distro.
  • For testing your Multiboot USB without rebooting, you can use the QEMU virtualization. It permits you to test both the USB stick and the Linux ISO.

That is all; you are done! It’s how you can utilize this app for installing Multiple Bootable OSs on the USB drive.

USB Stick


It is another fantastic portable media making program that you can utilize. The portable app is simple to utilize, and it does the work pretty well. For using XBoot, follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, download & install the app on the system.
  • Once finished, open the application and add the ISO files. You can simply drag & drop your ISO files on its main box.
  • Once finished, click the Create USB option.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to choose the bootloader and USB Drive. Do not make any changes to your Bootloader if you desire to make the USB drive bootable.
  • Now, wait for some time until the app makes your USB Bootable.

That is it; you’re done! It’s how you can utilize the tool for installing Multiple Bootable operating systems on the USB disk.Know which are the 7 Uses For A USB Stick You Didn’t Know About!

Your Universal Multiboot Installer (YUMI):

This app is a well-respected program, which isn’t as feature-rich as the other ones in our list but the solid choice for making several booting USB disks.

  • It has a little diverse workflow. You select which distro you desire from the list before going to your ISO on the hard disk or following the given link to the home page of the selected distro.
  • Choose the distro, in this case, Lubuntu, and find the ISO on the hard disk.
  • When you’re prepared, click Create. It will take some minutes. Then you can simply repeat the procedure to append further operating system images to the drive.

Additionally, YUMI does not have the QEMU programs of XBoot or MultiBootUSB. What it really has, is the support of numerous tech workers and network Admins who utilize it in the everyday work lives!

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